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For project developers

Information materials

Information materials

In a wide range of presented information materials, in which forms you will know the recommendations for preparing the project and submitting a grant application, as well as on the various platforms for the fun of grant competitions.

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Information bulletin of current grant and competition programs. For the sake of quickness, the main change is divided into sectors beyond the direct help and the vicladeno in the logical end.

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Dovidnik of permanent and cyclical contests. Permanent grant programs do not miss the deadlines for submitting applications for funding, take a look at the fact that it is necessary. Cyclical contests - grants programs, which are repeated through singing prompts for an hour - one or two times per rik


Information for grant writing

Convenient and useful resource for finding grant programs, which contains relevant links to web resources of platforms, institutions and organizations that provide international technical assistance


Algorithm for writing a grant application

This information material has been prepared especially for the competent writing of a grant application. Properly set goals and objectives, calculated resources, planned budget, clearly specified ultimate goal - the main parameters for satisfying the application by the donor organization.


Recommendations for participation in grant programs

The developed methodological recommendations characterize the main stages of writing a grant application and provide recommendations for its formation taking into account the requirements of grant-making institutions and organizations, which is a very important issue today.


Довідник. Допомога ВПО 2023

Довідник. Допомога ВПО 2023 


Conceptual note

These recommendations address the issue of filling in the Concept Note

Annex A.1 – Grant application form - Concept note укр

Annex A.1

Grant application form - Concept note

Розробка Концептуальної Ноти проекту рекомендації


Practical recommendations



to compose a Concept Note

Загальні поради щодо заповнення Концептуальної ноти проекту


10 steps to draft a winning European Commission Concept Note


Instructions for registration of the organization in international identification systems

  1. Obtaining a participant identification number (PIC) and appointing an official representative of the organization (LEAR - Legal Entity Appointed Representative)
  2. Company registration in the catalog Dun & Bradstreet Europe (D&B) - obtaining identification number of D-U-N-S
  3. Obtaining a code in the NATO Commercial and Government Accounting System (NCAGE)
  4. Registration with the US Government Grant / Contract Management System (SAM)

In more detail

Information sources of grantwriting

Training, internship:

The Department of International Technical Assistance, Innovative Development and External Relations of the Luhansk Regional State Administration prepares a monthly newsletter "Grants. Competitions. Opportunities" and posting it on the official Facebook page.

Foreign fundraising resources:

Catalog of donors, which has been maintained since 1995

European Foundation Center is an international association of public and corporate donors

International portal for non-profit organizations

European Commission grant proposals from the European Union

European Union grants, European funding programs and project preparation methodology are presented

Crowdfunding platforms:

Crowdfunding, translated into Ukrainian, "Community Financing" is a method of finding money, which involves obtaining the required amount from a mass impersonal audience.

KICKSTARTER is the most popular resource in the world for financing various creative projects

INDIEGOGO is a global platform for raising funds for charity, starting a business, implementing an idea

RocketHub - a resource for fundraising for socially important and social purposes, projects related to science, art, business

BIGGGGIDEA  is a Ukrainian platform for the implementation of social development projects, initiatives of active citizens

NA-STARTE - Ukrainian platform for financing startups, commercial and social projects, business ideas