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Project of experimental-industrial installation of waste disposal of organic synthesis and oil refining industry by aerosol nanocatalysis technology

Glikin MA, Kudryavtsev SO, Glikina IM, Karaschuk OM , Ляскевич В.С.

Розроблений проект дослідної установки глибокого знешкодження відходів промислових підприємств шляхом їх окиснення до термодинамічно стійких нешкідливих продуктів в аерозолі наночастинок каталізатору. Продукти знешкодження надходять в атмосферу тільки у природному стані, а тепло, що отримане за реакціями, може бути використане для нагрівання теплоносію. На дослідній установці тепло утилізується тільки в кількості, достатній для забезпечення роботи установки.


Gasification of coal in the slag melt

Glikin MA, Zubtsov EI

The technology eliminates capital- and energy-intensive stages: separation of air to produce oxygen, steam production and water treatment. This allows you to reduce capital and operating costs by ~ 40%.


Hydrocarbon fuel

Chernetskaya-Biletskaya NB, Ostapenko VM, Baranov IO, Miroshnikova MV

The technology of preparation, storage and combustion of coal fuels has been developed, taking into account Chinese technologies and domestic developments.


Briquetting of substandard coal, fine peat and other wastes - an alternative to natural gas or fuel oil for domestic municipal and industrial consumers

Chernetskaya-Biletskaya NB, Ostapenko VM, Baranov IO, Miroshnikova MV

In Ukraine, the bulk of coal is produced by combines. This leads to the fact that more than 35% of coal is a fine fraction smaller than 5 mm. The most common technology for the development of peat deposits by milling leads to the fact that the main part of the volume is also a small fraction.

Domestic and industrial solid fuel boilers are designed for efficient fuel combustion in the size of 20 to 60 mm, the content of the rod and dust is allowed no more than 10%. Smaller fuels burn inefficiently, which reduces efficiency by up to 50% and increases environmental pollution by solid waste, dust, harmful emissions of CO2 and NOx.

Briquetting of waste coal, peat, lignin or other waste will provide household and municipal boilers with quality fuel.


One-stage hydrogen production in liquid high-temperature coolant

Glikin MA, Tarasov VY


Heat-resistant material for thermal insulation based on liquid glass

Resource-saving technology of extraction of metals from spent catalysts

Suvorin OV, Ozheredova MA


Pulse method for determining corrosion and mechanical damage and residual life of equipment

Arkhipov OG, Khoma MS