People with visual impairment


Local creators


Anna Kindrativna Kharlamova

Master of arts and crafts

People's amateur master of decorative and applied arts of Luhansk region Anna Kindrativna Kharlamova has lived all her life in the village of Grechyshkino on her native land, which has long been famous for its folk crafts - weaving, embroidery, pottery… She became interested in embroidery, and especia ...
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«Clay planet»

Handmade ceramics

Making handmade ceramics (teapots, vases, bowls, interior items). All products are environmentally friendly, made using ancient methods of processing ceramics. Contact Information Luhansk region, Kreminsky district, village Chervonopopivka, street Podgornaya, tel .: +380665679251, e-mail: suzzadiraka@gmail.com
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Textile laboratory

Textile Laboratory «Yarrow» - These are various experiments in decorative techniques, hand-painted, author's products, inspiration from life and nature. Master laboratories produce: author's textile toys (amulet doll, interior doll, etc.) with hand-painted; painting of clothes w ...
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Catherine Makogon

Manufacturer of animal sculptures

Kateryna Makogon from Lysychansk, Luhansk region. The businesswoman has been creating soft toys for ten years. It was originally a hobby, but now successfully sells them through online platforms abroad. Kateryna started creating "wolf", a fox and a tiger ten years ago. A psychologist by profession, Kat ...
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Nina Tverdokhlib

Master of making toys

Nina Terentiyivna, a resident of Stanytsia-Luhanska village, is an organizer of cultural and educational work by profession. Since 2003 he has been working at the Kindrashiv House of Culture as the head of the exemplary children's studio of folk and applied art "Domovychok". More than 50 children a ...
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Vitaly Temerev

Master of creating a wooden clock

Vitaliy Temerev, a master from Lysychansk to create a unique beauty, originality and design of wooden clocks with mechanical and kinetic mechanisms. All products are made of valuable types of wood. In November 2019, Vitaliy took part in the exhibition "Innovation market", which took place in Kyiv. I ...
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Marina Prudius

Master of crochet

Maryna Prudius was born in Bryanka, Luhansk region, and lives in Milove. He has been crocheting since 2016. Her products are bright, picturesque, they seem to be filled with warmth, cordiality, kindness. Ms. Marina's works are constantly presented at district and regional exhibitions. The master was awarded ...
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Alexander Zhuk


Alexander Zhuk lives in the village of Milove, Milovsky district. Mr. Alexander works as a teacher of fine arts at the Milov Children's School of Arts. In his works he uses the technique of graphic drawing, painting, photo composition, sculpture, decorative and applied arts. Mr. Oleksandr regularly partic ...
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Lyudmila Bezruk

Master in the technique of non-woven tapestry

Lyudmila Bezruk was born in the village of Morozivka, Milovsky district, lives in the village of Milove. She became interested in non-woven tapestry in 2014. In her works, Ms. Lyudmila reflects the beauty of her native land. Her passion for her is a source of creativity and inspiration. Each of her paintings is a n ...
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Elena Sirenko

Master of Ukrainian stylized clothing

Olena Sirenko was born in the village of Raivka, Slavic-Serbian district of Luhansk region, lives in the village of Milove, Milovsky district. Ms. Olena is a real master of creating Ukrainian stylized clothes. Her works are known not only in the Milov region. In 2004, Olena Sirenko was awarded the title of "P ...
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